Participants in both phases of this initiative (2011-14) have included the following faculty and graduate students:


Christopher Capozzola (History)

Bruno Perreau (Global Studies and Languages [GSL])

Emma Teng (History/GSL)



Azra Aksamija (ACT)

Sana Aiyar (History)

Vivek Bald (Comparative Media Studies/Writing)

Manduhai Buyandelger (Anthropology)

Catherine Clark (GSL)

Ian Condry (GSL and CMS/W, Anthropology)

Sasha Costanza-Chock (CMS/Writing)

Isabelle de Courtivron (Sciences Po/MIT Emerita)

Frédérique Donovan (GSL)

Amah Edo (HASTS graduate student)

Lerna Ekmekcioglu (History and WGS)

Malick Ghachem (History)

Diana Henderson (Literature)

Erica James (Anthropology)

Heather Lee (GSL)

Lucas Müller (HASTS graduate student)

Hiromu Nagahara (History)

Melissa Nobles (Political Science)

Kym Ragusa (CMS/Writing)

Margery Resnick (Literature)

Sarah Song (former faculty in Political Science)

Chuong-Dai Vo (WGS Visiting Scholar)

Tess Wise (MIT alumna)

Elizabeth Wood (History)